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Avangardi LLC has been on the market for many years (since 2004).  Initially the company imported Turkish furniture materials and sold those in Georgia. However, in 2010 company started manufacturing furniture worktops in Georgia. It is a family-owned business, which has successfully transformed from a small furniture manufacturer to a real operating enterprise, which provides stable jobs to more than 45 employees. They are highly qualified and experienced staff who have been offering their services to customers for many years.

The company has gradually expanded its business and now our locally manufactured materials are sold within Georgia through our point of sales and/or small furniture entrepreneurs, who are not affiliate parties of the company. They are our channels of sales and we are interested in taking care of their successful business, which is reflected in the improvement of the quality of tailor-made furniture in Georgia.

At present, our company produces furniture worktops (main activity accounting for 90% of total income).  We sell our products within the retail network comprised of own branches, we also supply our products to furniture enterprises in Tbilisi and throughout the regions of Georgia. Furthermore, we provide services to carpenters by producing elaborate custom order furniture details (edge bands, ovals and bar corners).

Territories for sales are divided into two regions. Key cities (Tbilisi and Kutaisi) are identified in each region where our shops are operating. Through these shops, we monitor the market and perform analysis to better understand clients’ needs and requirements.

In January, 2020 we launched a new main showroom in Tbilisi (66, Peikarta Str.), which has resulted in increased demand and boosted sales. In our view, this has proven to be an important factor that has enabled us to withstand the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic relatively easily.  Additionally, the process of setting up a new production line is underway.

Since our enterprise does not produces finished furniture, but supplies an intermediate product to many furniture makers on the market, Avangardi LLC actively cooperates with furniture makers and small enterprises. Basically, they are sales channels for our products. Annually, up to 500 furniture craftsmen and small enterprises buy goods and services from us. It is important for our company for the tailor-made furniture segment of Georgian production to develop and come closer to international standards and quality. This will increase the value of our products and, consequently, raise generated revenues. Due to this, our company actively cooperates with the Georgian Furniture Cluster, which was established with support EU and GIZ (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and tries to participate in all the projects that contribute to the development of Georgian furniture production. In 2018, our company produced furniture details and components of Georgian furniture designers that were presented at the exhibition in Germany.

Therefore, we believe that the future success of our company is directly related to the success of small furniture entrepreneurs and the enhancement of their capacity. We thus would like to add a direction to our production process that will allow craftsmen to offer better quality furniture to their customers. High-quality, modern technologies enabling a variety of services and products are critical for such directions. For this reason, our company has a strong vision to develop and expand business in the field of international trade (import), as well as to introduce a new production lines in the direction of production furniture materials in Georgia. Company is also interested in finding an international partner for vocational education on behalf of the Georgian Furniture Cluster.

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შპს „ავანგარდი“ 2017 წლიდან ქართული ავეჯის კლასტერის წევრია, რომლის დაარსებაშიც ამ კომპანიამ აქტიური მონაწილეობა მიიღო. კლასტერის ორ სხვა წევრთან ერთად, კომპანიამ გაიმარჯვა შსს-ს მიერ გამოცხადებულ ტენდერში საპატრულო პოლიციის ერთიანი მომსახურების ცენტრის ავეჯით, განათებითა და ტიხრებით მოწყობაზე. ამ პროეტზე სამმა კომპანიამ ერთობლივად იმუშავა - შპს „ავანგარდმა“ სამუშაო შეასრულა მყარი მასალებით (შპს „მასტერ საინი -  რკინის მასალებით; შპს ჰაუს სერვისი - რბილი მასალებით).



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